Sunday Night 2022-2023

    NEW Sunday Night League

    Announcing a new Sunday Night Social(Development) League.

    The objective of the league is to improve playing skills and provide opportunities to play as a skip or a third.
    1. It will be individual sign up, with teams formed by the convener.
    2. Sign up priority is for 24 players who wish to play in a more advanced position than they did last year, or those wishing to improve their level of play, but everyone is welcome, if there is room.
    3. It will have one draw from Sept to November, at 7pm; and 2 draws(5:45 and 8pm), from November to March.
    4. 4)Teams will change during the season. All learn to curlers(max 24) can join in November to introduce them to game play.
    5. Those who play in the first round, will most likely be a Skip or a Third  when the learn to curlers join in November.
    6.  There will be some trophies for individual accomplishment.
    7.  I will be seeking out coaches to help and provide some skills training.
    8. On the social side I would like one team to bring snacks for each draw; or alternatively collect a $2 fee to buy snacks, but this aspect is optional and will be based on the majority opinion of the participants.
          Joe Lewis : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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