MacLean's League 2023-2024

    Winning team season 2022-2023

    If you have photos of the winners you can send them to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Section A winning team

    Robbie Read ; Laura Read  ;  Samantha Read  ;  Alexandre d'Armancourt

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    Finalist A

    Luc Juillet  ;  Marc-André Côté  ;  Mélanie Dorval  ;  Mauran Damien


    Section B winning team

    Steve Campbell  ;  Andrea Lambert  ;  Randy White  ;  Linda Massie

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     Finalist B

     Anne Pertus  ;  Rod Young ;  Erica Seabrook ; Wayne Albright


     Section C winning team

    Patty Levell  ;  Glenn Wight  ;  Susan Henderson  ;  Warren Huxham

    Picture missing

      Finalist C

     Dan Brasanti ; Kris Pichovic  ;  Jennifer Kokesh  ;  Nick Drouin


    Section D winning team

    Sylvain Robillard  ;  Nathalie Savoie  ;  Paul Melanson  ;  Mark Landsburg

    MacLeans winnner section D 2

     Finalist D

     Bob Boyes  ;  Sandy Philips  ;  Janine T-Berg  ;  


    Section E winning team

    Pierre Lesage ( spare ) ; Cyril Goudreau ;   Yves Boissonneault-Francoeur ; Ralph Williams ( spare )

    Absent on the picture  :  Patrick  Bouchard  ;  Claude Jean Durette

    MacLeans winnner section E

     Finalist E

    Maria Brown  ;  John Michalovic  ;  Nigel Roulet  ;  Kathy Roulet


     Section F winning team

    Woody Paulette ; Bronwyn Thompson ; Cyril Goudreau ( spare ) ; Darwin Lyew

    Absent on the picture  :  Tanis Short

    MacLeans winnner section F


    Finalist F

    Karla Ekdom-Delorme ; Catherine Lavigne ; Marie-Claude Goyer ; Matt Levesque



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