Schaefer Ladder

    A key point to remember here is that even if you are not immediately on a team, sign up for the Spares List. That way, you will be noticed and you will get a call during the season.

    The Schaefer Ladder is BDCC’s season-long ladder competition and is open to men’s, women’s and mixed rinks.  The Schaefer is “skip’s choice”.  Rinks are made up by the Skips holding a position in the Schaefer Ladder; Membership on a Schaefer rink can be attained through the invitation of a Schaefer Skip.

    The Schaefer Cup is awarded to the top team (A-1) at the end of the fourth round.

    At the end of the curling season, two playoff brackets are formed. The top eight (8) teams, in order of finish of the 4th round, will play one elimination bracket with the winner awarded the Schaefer Shield, named after Don Schaefer who donated the trophy in 1966.  The next eight (8) finishers will play the other elimination bracket, for the consolation prize.

    Day Curling

    This is a curling event, open to all BDCC full-members.  We play every Monday and Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. throughout the season.

    There is no commitment to play every day. Teams are made up each day based on whoever attends. This allows everyone to play with different skips and team mates.

    Note: If there are more than 24 players who show up, teams will be made up on a first come basis or play 4 ends splitting with one of the original 24 players.
    If anyone has any questions or needs more info, please contact me.
    Marcel Chretien

    Maclean’s Social League

    Based on the survey, we are expecting approximately 70 members to sign up for the Macleans Social League this year, which should give us 2 draws on Thursday night and one draw on Friday night. All registered players should be available to play both nights, as two thirds of your games will be on Thursday and one third should be on Friday nights. You will only play on one of the two nights each week. This may be adjusted based on the final number of teams that register.

    Looking forward to an interesting season.

    For any questions contact:

    J.M. Lewis
    MacLean's Social League
    [email protected]

    Masters Interclub League

    Brief Description of MICL

    The Master’s Interclub League (MICL) comprises 13 Montreal area curling clubs. Curlers must be 50+ years of age. Each club plays against each other club twice in a season – one match at “home” and the other “away” at the other club.
    Points are accumulated based on wins and ties in each match and a league champion declared at season end.

    The format for each match:
    •   9:30 AM teams arrive at host club and enjoy coffee with rum and Tim-Bits
    • 10:00 AM Teams play 8 end games
    • 12:00 Noon Teams socialize in “typical” post game fashion
    • 12:30 approx. Lunch provided by “host” club
    • Note: there is a $44.00 charge per team for the match.

    How the MICL works at Baie d’Urfé
    Eligibility: Any full member who is 50+ years of age AND curls regularly in the daytime events.
    Sign-Up: A Sign-up sheet for each scheduled match will be posted on the bulletin board in the downstairs hallway. This sheet has the names of all regular players pre-printed with a box to be checked if the player wishes to play in that event. There are spaces on each sheet for additional players to “print” their name and check the box.

    Selecting Players: Approximately 1 week before each match the sign-up sheet will be taken down. Players are selected to fill the number of sheets at the host club and teams formed. Player selection is made to assure the each player gets roughly the same percentage of games based on number of requests. In previous years one could expect to be selected 65% of the times (s)he signed up. I expect this to be somewhat lower this year due to more players available.

    Teams: Teams are formed with an attempt to have different players play together each time and to have balanced and, hopefully, competitive teams. The list of teams for each match is emailed to each regular player and is posted on the bulletin board approximately 4 to 5 days before the event. Each player selected is asked to initial the posted sheet to acknowledge (s)he will play. It is each selected skip’s responsibility to ensure all players will play.
    Note: If any replacements are required the skip should notify Bob Sage who will select the replacement ensuring the equality of player selection.

    Driving to Away Games: For away games the posted team list on the bulletin board will have spaces for the number of cars required. It is up to the players to have volunteer drivers and form car pools – usually based on people’s neighborhood. With the high gas prices it is suggested that each passenger pay the driver ±$5:00.

    Lunch Preparation: Four person teams are required to prepare lunches for each of the 11 Baie d’Urfé home matches. Each person will be asked to work once and a few will work twice in the kitchen. Alex Brown is coordinating the lunch teams and will post a list for the season once we have a complete list of all senior curlers. Any conflicts should be solved individually by trading places with another person. All changes should be noted on the lunch schedule on the bulletin board.
    Note: The first name for each lunch team will be the “Chief Cook” who decides on the menu and assigns responsibilities, such as buying supplies, preparing and serving the meal and cleaning the kitchen. All expenses will be reimbursed by our treasurer.

    Mixed Doubles

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