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    1. GENERAL
    The Schaefer Ladder is a season-long open competition. It comprises 24 teams,
    divided into four sections (A, B, C and D).
    Teams will compete in a round-robin format to secure the best possible ranking in
    their section and, in the case of Sections B, C and D, to be promoted to the next
    higher section. The ultimate objectives will be:
    a) to finish in the highest position of Section A at the end of the season,
    thereby winning the Schaefer Cup;
    b) to qualify for the play-offs and win the Schaefer Shield.
    2. TEAMS
    A team will consist of a minimum four members. They may be all male, all female or
    All teams must have four regular players identified by November 20th. Failing
    this, the Schaefer Committee will resolve the problem with the Skips concerned.
    All members are eligible to play in the Schaefer Ladder. If there are players
    wanting to participate but not on a team, players who are on two teams will be
    replaced by lottery. Discretion is to be used by the Schaefer Committee
    (comprised of the Schaefer Convener and Director of Curling). For example, a
    Green should not replace a Third.
    The right of entry belongs to the Skip, who may not transfer such right.
    If the Skip should withdraw and the three remaining members of the team desire
    to continue, they may select another to join their team and continue. If the Skip
    should withdraw and only two regular members desire to continue, the team will be
    considered to have disbanded. If possible, the Schaefer Committee will appoint a
    team to finish the round-robin.
    At the Beginning of the season new teams will be slotted at the annual skips
    meeting. The highest position a team can obtain is the B6 position (unless there
    are fewer than 11 returning teams), no existing team can be demoted from their
    final position at the end of the previous season without the skip's acceptance.
    If there are less than 24 teams participating, a new team can enter the
    competition at the beginning of the next round. Entry can be even sooner if the
    lowest section is operating with a Bye or a team drops out.
    If there is no space available, there are 2 options available to accommodate new
    1. Expand the existing ladder to accommodate 7 teams in the D Section. The
    Byes will be granted to the top 5 teams. If the D Section already is
    overfilled, an E section can be created for the bottom 4 teams and will
    compete on Sunday Evenings.
    2. Institute a challenge to enter. The challenge will be to the bottom two
    positions in the last or lowest section, at the end of any given round. If
    more than two teams wish to enter, a play-off will be arranged to determine
    which two teams qualify for the right to challenge. Challenges must take
    place prior to the start of the following round.
    Skips will be polled before a decision is taken on the entry method used.
    All games will be scheduled to start at 7:00 or 9:00 p.m. For the 7:00 pm draws
    this mean be on the ice no later than 6:55.
    A team responsible for delaying the start of a game must concede one point and
    one end for each ten minutes that the game is delayed and forfeit last rock on the
    first end played.
    The game will be defaulted by the team responsible for the delay upon the
    expiration of one-half hour from the scheduled starting time.
    If both teams are equally responsible for delaying the start of a game, a blank end
    will be scored for each ten minutes that the game is delayed. The game will be
    ruled as a default for both teams without any points awarded if both teams cannot
    start the game prior to the expiration of one-half hour from the scheduled
    starting time.
    All regular games in round-robin and challenge competition will be eight ends, with
    extra ends if necessary to declare a winner.
    Managing the pace of play to complete 8 ends within 2 hours is the responsibility
    of the skips. For the 7:00 draw, a buzzer will sound at 8:35. At that time a team
    can play only one more regular end after the one that is in progress (i.e., if the 6th
    end is still in progress when the buzzer sounds, the teams finish the 6th end and
    play only the seventh). If the teams are tied at the end of the last end played a
    full extra end will be played (two rocks per player).
    7. SCORES
    Recording the result of each game played is the responsibility of the winning Skip.
    All games should be played on the dates and times scheduled.
    However, if both Skips agree, games may be played at other times as long as they
    are completed prior to the end of the round and the Schaefer Organizer is
    The only case where a Skip can request postponement after failing to reach
    agreement is when at least two members of the team are involved in a Quebec
    Curling Association event. The Schaefer Organizer will do his utmost to
    reschedule the game before the end of the round-robin. If this cannot be
    arranged, the team requesting postponement will be deemed to have defaulted.
    Unlimited substitution will be the rule for round-robin games for the A & B
    divisions. In the C,  D & E divisions, the spare replaces the position of the missing
    person and a player who plays the skip position on another team in the A or B
    section can spare no higher than the third position.
    At all times a minimum of 2 original players (including the fifth) must be present
    for a game not to be forfeit. A temporary Replacement can be declared to replace
    a player predicted to be absent longer than 2 weeks.
    In challenge games, only one substitute can be used and he or she must play at the
    Lead position. If a team cannot field a minimum of two regular members and one
    substitute, then it will lose the challenge by default.
    In play-off games, a team must have a minimum of two regular members. Only two
    substitutes can be used and they must play at the Lead and Second positions.
    When only one substitute is used, he or she must play at the Lead position.
    Any member of the B.D.C.C. can be selected as a substitute – except those still in
    the play-offs. If eliminated from the play-offs, they can then be asked to
    At the end of each round, the two teams with the lowest positions in each section
    will be moved into the next lower section. The two teams with the highest
    positions in each section will have the right to move up to the next higher section.
    Where teams do not exercise their right to move up, such right shall pass in
    progression to those next in that section.
    Note - Teams can exercise refusal to move up.
    Positions in each section will be determined by games won. A team must have
    more wins than the one above it on the ladder to move ahead. Ties in all sections
    at the end of a round-robin will be broken by the ladder standing.
    At the end of the last round of the season, the team in the highest position of
    Section A will be declared the winner of the Schaefer Cup.
    Eight teams will participate in the play-offs for the Schaefer Shield. If interest is
    shown, a consolation play-off event will be held to include other Schaefer teams.
    Teams must declare their Playoff roster before the beginning of the fourth round.
    A player can play on two teams during the regular season. However, should both
    teams make the same play-off event, the player must decide which team he/she
    will play for before the first play-off game. The opening created by this situation
    can be filled by a player rated (by official club ratings) no higher than the open
    In the case of five-man teams, the official four man team must be identified and
    posted before the beginning of the first play-off game.
    The play-off will be based on a double Page Playoff format. The play-off position
    will be based on the position of the teams in the ladder at the end of the last
    Should a situation occur which is not covered by these Regulations, the issue will
    be referred to the Schaefer Organizer. If necessary, the Schaefer Organizer will
    in turn refer the issue to a Panel of at least three Schaefer Skips (excluding the
    affected Skips) for resolution.
    Any modification to the rules governing the Schaefer Ladder has to be approved
    by a majority of Schaefer Skips and Thirds, either in a meeting or by email and/or
    phone committee.
    Unless otherwise specified, the Canadian Curling Association (C.C.A.) rules will
    Geoffrey Reid
    Updated: 12 October, 2017

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