Schaefer Update
    Well, what can we say about the 2019-2020 season?
    We had the expansion of the league to add four teams in an F section. We've seen a lot more closescore
    games. And Tuesday night, 6:45PM after-game snacks taken to a whole new level!
    I hear you - not everything was perfect. The way our season has to end. Time limits on games. Sparing.
    Slow play. Point’s allocation not proportionate enough. We've tried things, and we may have created a
    new problem in place of an existing one, but we tried. Nothing will appease 100% of the people, 100%
    of the time. But we will try, nevertheless! I thank you for your patience this season while we
    experimented to help find better ways for you, the Schaefer curler.
    Onto the nitty-gritty, details you might want to know.
    - At this time, no Schaefer Shield (playoff winner) will be announced for the 2019-2020 season. I may
    propose something for next season, but ONLY in the event that it makes sense but for now, there are
    no plans to crown a 2019-2020 playoff champion.
    - Points race trophy. Through three games of the 4th round, it was a very tight race. Teams of Aaron
    Wagstaff, Team Angry Rhino Curling (aka Lawton), and Team Ossey-Lock-Lang were neck an neck,
    with two teams tied. Normally, the tie would have gone to the higher-ranked ladder position team. Due
    to not being able to complete the season, I have opted to not award the Points trophy this season.
    - Schaefer regular season Champions, and next year's starting standings. We will revert back to how
    teams finished at the end of Round 3 for starting positions for the 2020-2021 season. At a later date, I'll
    start the thread, and throughout the summer, update you about team changes and start taking new team
    entry requests.
    On that note - I would like to congratulate this year's regular season Champions, Team Lawton, (Fred
    Lawton, skip, Dave Fleury, 3rd, Martin Hamm, 2nd, and Charles Gagnon, lead).

    Hope to see you all next season, and here's to hoping for better days ahead!

    Fred Lawton

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